Revitalizing DFW pavement, North Texas Paving introduces cost-effective asphalt resurfacing services. This method involves precision grinding of the top layer with a milling machine, followed by a new hot mix asphalt overlay. An ideal solution for upgrading or repairing parking lots, driveways, and roads, this process stands out for its cost efficiency compared to full demolition and repaving.

Is Asphalt Resurfacing Right for My Pavement?

Pavement deterioration is inevitable over time, and resurfacing becomes crucial when minor repairs aren’t enough to fix a parking lot or driveway. Addressing issues like cracks, potholes, and water pooling, this parking lot repair method can make asphalt last another decade. Though it may seem like an initial cost, it’s much more cost-effective than repeated patching or pothole repairs that fail in a couple of years.

Our Pavement Renewal Process

Homeowners might think that asphalt driveway resurfacing is a DIY project, but its complexity means you need a professional’s help. At North Texas Paving, our asphalt contractors have decades of experience with these kinds of projects, and we know how to pave with quality at every step. Here’s how we do it.

  1. Inspection: A thorough assessment identifies current damage and the underlying reasons for recurring pavement problems. We consult with the property owner to set expectations, make alternative parking arrangements, and schedule the project.
  2. Preparation: The site must first be prepared by removing obstacles such as ramps, speed bumps, or utility structures.
  3. Milling: A specially designed machine grinds down the top layer, leaving behind a texture that allows the new material to adhere properly. Milling also provides access to sublevels for necessary repairs.
  4. Repairing: Addressing damages below the surface, contractors seal cracks, fill potholes, and grade the surface to improve drainage, if needed.
  5. Asphalt Paving: New layers, applied with tack coats for bonding, create a strong, durable pavement. We compact the finished paved area to ensure it’s smooth and safe for drivers and pedestrians.

After your new paved surface cures, it’s ready to use! The professionals at North Texas Paving aren’t done, though! We ensure each client is completely satisfied and provide maintenance services to protect our work.

North Texas Paving: Parking Lot Resurfacing Experts in the DFW Metroplex

Distinguished by over 30 years of expertise, our company is a leading paving partner in the DFW Metroplex. The company is known for its commitment to quality work, effective communication, and community dedication, ensuring efficient and lasting pavement solutions.

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