Texans understand sudden rains but may not understand how crucial catch basins and storm drains are in managing runoff. Acting as a junction for the municipal stormwater system, they prevent parking lots or other paved areas from flooding during heavy rain. Unlike dry well basins, concrete catch basins focus on catching water runoff from pavement.

Over time, catch basins may degrade, but North Texas Paving specializes in rebuilding and repairing them before the next storm hits.

Drainage Services by North Texas Paving: Catch Bains, Storm Drains, and More!

Over time, these drainage components degrade due to the substantial water flow they handle. Cracks in the basin bottom may lead to water leakage, creating a void beneath.

The basin can then sink, forming a noticeable hole on the pavement surface. In regions with seasonal climates, like North Texas, frost can cause heaving. Moisture beneath the basin freezes, expands, and melts, leaving a void. In either case, the concrete structure requires removal, and the void must be filled for project completion.

Drainage Services

These methods, often performed by experienced paving and drainage professionals, help ensure adequate water management and prevent flooding and pavement damage.

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Contact the asphalt specialists at North Texas Paving for details on catch basin repair. We’ll guide you through each situation and tailor a repair or replacement plan to meet your requirements.

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