Keeping a vigilant eye on your asphalt driveway or parking lot is a crucial part of preserving its value. Whether it’s monitoring the impact of weather or heavy usage, identifying signs of wear and tear allows for prompt pavement repair to fix any issues. While preemptive care is ideal, North Texas Paving Group ensures your pavement receives impeccable repair services like milling, backed by a 30-year reputation for unparalleled service.

Asphalt Milling: Cost-Effective Resurfacing for Parking Lots & More!

Also known as pavement milling, this repair service stands out as a cost-effective solution to enhance the condition of paved surfaces. This process involves grinding and removing the top layer of asphalt to a specified depth. The removed material, called millings, can be used in other paving projects to strengthen the paved surface. Millings don’t require refinishing, resurfacing, or replacement, offering long-term durability.

Asphalt milling addresses a variety of pavement maintenance projects, such as restoring uneven surfaces, repairing irregularities like potholes or ruts, upgrading weathered parking lots or roadways, and preventing drainage problems. It becomes particularly necessary when facing issues like cracking, raveling, rutting, shoving, gradient defects, or uneven pavement.

Our Milling Process

  1. Our pavement expert performs a thorough inspection and determines that the base layer is stable, so milling is recommended
  2. A large-capacity grinder removes the targeted top layer, crushes it, and loads it onto a truck.
  3. These millings can then be mixed with hot material to create a new surface. An overlay of fresh asphalt can also be installed.
  4. Compaction is crucial in achieving a robust and durable surface with millings, ensuring longevity and stability.

The beauty of milling lies in its ability to execute repairs or overlays without the need to remove the existing pavement. This method provides a smooth and even repaved surface, making it an ideal option for various settings, including paved and unpaved roadways, commercial parking lots, drainage trenches, residential driveways, pathways, and sports courts.

Trust North Texas Paving for cost-effective asphalt milling and resurfacing in DFW!

At NTX Paving, our commitment to reliable asphalt repair services is reflected in our over 25 years of industry experience, remarkable community dedication, clear and compelling communication, investment in client education for informed decision-making, consistent delivery of excellent work, and a two-year warranty backing our services for your peace of mind. We’re proud to provide milling and repair services to commercial property owners and homeowners in Denton, Waxahachie, and Frisco.

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