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NTX Paving, a premier parking lot paving company, is committed to delivering superior solutions that elevate the functionality and appeal of your business. Boasting over 30 years of experience, we are your trusted asphalt contractor, specializing in a comprehensive range of services tailored specifically for commercial spaces.

Entrust your project to a team of seasoned experts dedicated to delivering excellence. Contact our specialists today to explore the transformative possibilities for your paved surfaces!

Parking Lot Paving by Your Trusted DFW Commercial Asphalt Contractors

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our transparent approach to asphalt installation, specifically tailored for commercial parking lots. Here’s a detailed look at our meticulous process:

Step 1: Site Preparation
We begin by clearing the site of debris and existing surfaces, ensuring a clean canvas for the project. Our skilled asphalt professionals employ cutting-edge equipment to grade the site, guaranteeing efficient water drainage. Proper grading is essential to prevent issues like potholes and cracks, safeguarding the longevity of your commercial pavement.

Step 2: Sub-Base Repair or Installation
The often-overlooked sub-base is a cornerstone for stability, providing crucial support for the new pavement. As a frost barrier to mitigate winter damage, our team pays meticulous attention to base thickness, strength, and compaction. If required, we address any problem areas at this foundational level to ensure a robust sub-base.

Step 3: Binder and Surface Course
Introducing the binder layer, a blend of large aggregate mixed with oil, establishes a resilient foundation for the paved surface. This layer is instrumental in providing strength and durability to your commercial parking lot.

Step 4: Install New Surface
With supportive structures in place, we apply the top layer of fresh asphalt, comprising small aggregate, sand, and oil. The result is a sleek, jet-black surface that offers a smooth driving experience and an aesthetically pleasing finish. Our expertise ensures seamless transitions between your commercial property’s new and existing surfaces.

Step 5: Compaction
The entire surface undergoes a thorough smoothing and compaction process using specialized roller trucks. This final step guarantees a uniformly smooth new surface, free of small bumps or protruding stones.

Step 6: Line Striping
Our professionals expertly apply line striping to designate parking spaces and traffic flow to enhance functionality and safety, ensuring an organized and efficient paved area.

Parking Lot Services for the Life of Your Commercial Pavement

In addition to installing new commercial parking lots across DFW, we provide ongoing, cost-effective pavement maintenance services, including sealcoating, repairs, resurfacing, and more. Your satisfaction is our priority, ensuring your commercial space stands the test of time.

North Texas Paving: Parking Lot Paving Specialists in the Dallas Metroplex

We pride ourselves on being the leading parking lot paving company with over three decades of unwavering commitment to excellence. Our expertise in transforming commercial spaces ensures an enduring visual impact that speaks volumes about your business.

Contact our seasoned specialists now and take the first step in transforming your business. Whether it’s a new parking lot installation or revitalizing an existing one, trust us to deliver unmatched quality and lasting impressions.

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